The Umbrella Users Project - Made By: Frank Mancuso

Welcome on the official umbrella users project webpage. Bugfixes, patches, translations, suggestions and comments are welcome! Please use forums!

Current Release 3.0
Download umbrellausers 3.0

The lastes Stable Release 2.4
Download umbrellausers 2.4

Older Releases
Download umbrellausers
Download umbrellausers
Download umbrellausers


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Goals Of Project

umbrella users was made for one purpose, to be one of the best User Authentication systems out there. I plan on making admin panel to admin users and group sections, custom members area for certain users, a simple join generater form which allow everybody to custom pick what information they want from there visters. The final note is to make it be used on every database server out there. For now the project will stay in use with only mysql.

Project Suggestion or to join

For information on how to help with project or to suggest a feature to the future releases contact me at